Demos are the most important marketing tools a voice actor has at their disposal. With them, you are able to convey to the voice purchaser your ability to deliver what they need.

I have been in the industry for 24 years and have voiced many commercials, e-learning, corporate narration, documentary, guided tours etc. and I am now happy to put that knowledge to use for you. Crafting the demo takes an understanding of the marketplace today what is buying and what is not.

Understanding you, your individual strengths so that the demo highlights those traits. I will write the scripts, go over them with you and then direct you in session or sessions. Finally, I will produce it to todays standards and provide you with your demo which will get you work.

DEMO’s that work!

  • All demos cost $1000 USD
  • Scripts tailored to your strengths
  • Go over the scripts with you
  • Directed Session / Sessions
  • Production to exceed todays standards

Contact me today to discuss your demo needs.

If you have any question (or simply want to talk) about any of the courses please send me a message and I`ll get back to you.
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