I am a story
I live to be told
My words evoke emotions
that awaken the soul

Peter Wood
Voice Actor, Storyteller,
Father, Son, Brother, Friend

I’m Peter – a voice actor who has been providing voiceover services since 1996. Take a look in my demos section to see what I have been doing.

People ask me what I enjoy the most about voice acting. Well, on any given day I could play a variety of roles, being a captain of a ship barking out orders or lawyer giving a rebuttal. The magic of voice acting is conveying a message through the spoken word, which elicits a response from the listener. The response is unique to everyone and if done right, the reaction is appropriate. Being able to provide this experience gives me great pleasure.

I am university educated with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Geography. After University, I worked for CAE Inc. where I was an Instructor and voiced e-learning modules and my love for aviation took off. In 2005, I took a course in broadcast journalism, which led me to be on the air in Montreal. My curiosity about voice acting was peaked while on radio performing spots for various products and services and so I decided to venture out on my own.

Supported by a loving family – my wife Sandra, and two great kids – Liam and Brooke – fills me with much love.

You can hear me as the PA Announcer and play-by-play for the crowds at Quinte Skyhawks games in Belleville, Ontario. Also I co-host of the ScuttlePuck Podcast – a weekly hockey podcast where we talk all things hockey.

Peter Wood Voiceovers is at your service providing genuine, reliable, quality work since 1996.

Take your script to new heights by contacting me today.